Do you know how far you hit each club?

Has you driver got the right loft and shaft for your initial ball speed?

Do you use a steel shaft without knowing your swing speed?

Has your driver got the appropriate loft to match your angle of attack?

Do you know your angle of attack and launch angles with your driver? 

Do you know how the clubhead gets back to impact? Is the toe or the heel in the air? 

These are fundamental questions that if you can’t answer them, you equipment might well be hurting your game. It is more than reasonable to expect a pick-up of 20 yards after a professional fitting with the swing that you’ve already got and even more if you’re hitting down on the ball with your driver.  

Trackman answers all the above questions and facilitates the matching of the appropriate equipment with the swing characteristics of every player.  

As a consequence of the fitting, the client will know the exact distance of which they’re capable with every club, in addition it allows you to try out different clubs and record the results for later comparison. 

One of the parameters that Trackman measures is the vertical launch angle of the ball. Each ball speed has an optimum launch angle in order to achieve the maximum distance. The factors that determine this angle are the loft of the club, the angle of attack, the flexibility of the shaft and the relationship between the two ends of the club at impact. With Trackman’s measurements of the angle of attack it is possible to find the appropriate clubhead loft and shaft flex in order to achieve the optimum launch angle. As a consequence the client is able to get the most out of their swing characteristics. 

Trackman allows the client to try clubs with different shafts and weights and compositions until a perfect match-up in terms of total distance and dispersion is found. 

The delivery of the club at impact in terms of its lie is of tremendous importance for the quality of the shot. A clubhead with the toe in the air points more to the left and a club with the heel in the air aims to the right. A badly adjusted set of clubs can cause the ball to fly in unintended directions even with a perfect motion. 

I offer a comprehensive fitting service with the support of my colleagues at Depique leveraging the full functionality of Trackman in order to find the best possible fit for the client. Don’t leave the purchase of a new set of irons or a new driver to chance when you’ve got the possibility of using the world’s leading impact and ball flight measurement device.

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