What is Trackman?

Trackman is a latest generation ball and club measurement device which uses doppler radar technology to provide a whole range of data on the club at impact and the flight of the ball. It is used by all the leading club and ball manufacturers to test their equipment, the best shops for their fitting services, the most demanding teachers to offer unparalleled data to their students as well as by the world’s best players to perfect their games (Martin Kaymer, Dustin Johnson, Ian Poulter and even Tiger Woods among many others).  The data captured by the device go well beyond even the fastest high-speed cameras and allow the user to identify shot patterns immediately and providing the teacher with invaluable information to accelerate the learning process.  

The company was founded in 2003 in Klaus Eldrup-Jorgensen’s garage with Fredrik Tuxen and a small group of engineers and today it employs 45 people world-wide and the country has been sold in 36 different countries around the world. Other projects include the diversification of the functionality for its application in other sports such as baseball, cricket, football and tennis. 

The device measures or calculates 26 parametres related to club delivery at impact and the ball flight, including key data such as the face angle, the club-path, the angle of attack, the distance, height and initial launch angle as well as the clubhead speed.  

I started working together with Depique Taller de Golf in March 2011 and we offer a range of Trackman related services which include lessons, fittings, gapping tests, reports with a series of recommendations, as well as outdoor testing. 

The combination of my golf swing knowledge, the Trackman and a high-speed Casio camera make it an unbeatable combination. 

My blog has highlighted by the Trackman official distributor in Spain as the best site in the Spanish language for quality information about Trackman and it has become a benchmark for both teachers and players alike. Click here to read the story.

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