"James’ comments, advice, analysis and his patient communication style make it a perfect way of transmitting the inexhaustible source of information about golf which he has accumulated since he started playing. His help has been invaluable for improving my game.” Víctor Pisano


3-hour packs

An ideal gift option, it offers the opportunity to cover all aspects of the game from putting to long game. All sessions include video recording with subsequent computer-aided analysis and e-mail support. The three hours can be done in one-hour blocks or at the student´s convenience.


“A golf professional with an educational background is rare, James has got it. He’s able to identify your faults quickly and he’s very good at explaining how to correct them.” Jordi Crespo


6-hour packs

This option offers the chance to cover all aspects of the game in much more depth. The time can be tailored to student needs and as always includes video analysis and computer-aided support as well as communication and back-up via e-mail.


"I'm very pleased with your lessons because I think you're a great teacher as well as being a very well educated, friendly and interesting person. I always look forward to our time together." Jordi Quixano


10-hour packs

A comprehensive option which offers the possibility of a detailed focus on all aspects of the game makes this an ideal choice for beginners. It is also a perfect option for those players wishing to undertake major swing changes and includes constant video analysis as well as an establishing of a clear route-map to help the sudent achieve the suggested changes. As ever, this option features video and computer support along with e-mail back-up. These packs come with a 15% discount over the one-off hourly lesson rate.


Golf Pack





15 minutes, 4 times a month

An option for experienced players looking to enjoy the benefits of weekly contact, an ideal option for players wishing to undertake serious changes as it allows for constant supervision.


30 minutes, 4 times a month

An ideal option for those experienced players wishing to have constant contact to help monitor a series of changes over a longer term. A perfect option also for all those players who wish to continue their education in a more practical way without the obligation of having to take hourly sessions, facilitating the possibility of focusing on a variety of different aspects of the game over longer periods of time. And for 2011 at a new reduced price of 65€ for four 30-minute sessions.


Subscription Type



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