I see my teaching role as one of facilitating the learning process, guiding the student towards the objective, accelerating the learning. Providing insight and information which allows the student to digest and experiment, yet ultimately discover their own way.

My guiding principles are:


  • Provision of knowledge and insight
  • Commitment to the student learning process
  • Enthusiasm
  • Discovery learning



My teaching is based around a series of core beliefs of what constitutes a sound golf swing which remain unchanged but at the same time retaining an open mind to allow ideas to filter in from a variety of different sources. I have a core vision of the golf swing and all classes are centred around those principles, working towards and seeking improvement in those key areas will lead to an overall improvement in the quality of the impact positions which in turn will lead to improved shot quality.

At the beginning of the teacher/student relationship my goal is to give the student a clear idea of the current state of their golf swing, identify the areas which need work, fix objectives and devise a route map to work towards efficiently achieving those objectives.

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