Below is a selection of testimonials from some of my students.

“James Marshall travels all over the world to learn from the very best minds on all facets of the game of golf, and he brings that information back here to his students.  James is on the cutting edge of instruction: he is the first Authorized Instructor of the Golfing Machine in Spain, also the first Authorized teacher of Geoff Mangum's Putting Zone in Spain, and has extensive training in MORAD (the theory behind "Stack & Tilt").  Because of his extensive study and training, James is probably the most knowledgeable golf instructor in Spain.   
More importantly for his students, James is always looking for the best ways to apply that knowledge to players of all levels.  Because of this combination of deep knowledge, excellent communication skills and an enthusiasm and passion to help golfers, anyone looking to play better golf should visit James."

Clay Huestis 


Thank you very much indeed for your help. Both as an English teacher and golf teacher you’ve made a great impression upon me. Meeting you has proven to be a valuable discovery for my golf game.  

César Rodríguez


"James’ comments, advice, analysis and his patient communication style make it a perfect way of transmitting the inexhaustible source of information about golf which he has accumulated since he started playing. His help has been invaluable for improving my game.”

Víctor Pisano

“I’ve known James for more than 10 years now. I haven’t got the space here to provide you with all the memories I have of him as a golfer and a Pitch and Putt player but suffice it to say that he was by far the best at that time. A great model to follow.

I was lucky enough to be able to play alongside him as a team mate for a couple of years and in that time we became good friends. I then stopped playing P&P. I spent nearly five years away from the game but when I found out that James had become a teacher, after I’d started playing again, and wanted to get back to basics I didn’t think twice about who I should go and see.

I trusted him right from the start but what surprised me was the dedication, the attention to detail, and the knowledge he has provided me with. All those that have had the good fortune of doing some classes with him can say without reservation that James is one impressive golf teacher in all aspects.

He’s made a tremendous effort with me to the extent that I’m a bit embarrassed about the quality of my reply. But hold on a second don’t get the wrong idea that I haven’t improved. Before I started with James I can honestly say that I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing but now at least I know what I’m trying to do. My scores are more consistent and my game is generally much more solid. If you want instant results then you’ve come to the wrong man. I believe that if you’re really committed to improvement then you have to be prepared to go back to basics and work like mad. It requires a lot of effort, patience and sacrifice but it’s all worth it over the long term.

James is without doubt the most knowlegdeable person I’ve ever met about golf. He shows a great respect and admiration for the traditions of the game and the great golfers of the past. He doesn’t allow himself to be moved by the “media stars” of today’s players and he’s clear about what the true references should be. 

Of all the good things I could say about him, which is a lot, I think the most compelling is his passion for the sport. A passion he’s had since I first met him and which he has been able to channel and develop in the best way possible. James is a great teacher and a nice guy, don’t let slip the chance to improve your game with him.” 

Pep O’Callaghan

“I personally like the way he studies each of the individual components of the swing and his ability to help you improve step by step without having to spend hours on the range grooving new moves. He teaches by feel, more than by theory.”

Adam Segalés

“It’s only now with James that I’ve truly understood the technical side of a long-lasting, reliable swing. I’ve learnt more in the last few months than in the last 7 or 8 years.”

Xavi Gil

“Professionalism and enjoyment have never been better combined than with James’ classes. An excellent sport requires an excellent teacher and I was lucky I found James.” Juan Pablo Ortuño

“I think the use of the videocamera during the classes is extremely useful as it allows you to see the progress you’ve made straight away and also to monitor the things you’re working on. Another important thing if you’ve played golf a bit is that the teacher doesn’t bombard you with all the swing theories you could find in a book or video but rather takes a good look at your swing and suggests the most appropriate for you given your needs and objectives. In this respect, James is a star.”

Rafael Cosín

“One of the things that strikes you positively about you James is your warmth,  your ability to build relationships with people, the effort you make to be as well prepared as you possibly can to transmit your knowledge to your students, your professionalism and your honesty. You’re a perfect combination of attitude and aptitude always doing your best to help the student. I don’t know if I’ll ever learn to play golf well but it certainly won’t be your fault if I don’t. Your classes have been tremendously satisfying.”

Ángel Hidalgo

“A positive experience and with only a few classes and changing my grip I’m now hitting the ball a lot further. The difference with other teachers that I’ve had is that James actually analyses your swing with a videocamera and its use is in an integral part of the class. The classes are fun and interesting and we’ve done a lot of different drills and games for putting as well.”

Josep Rovira

"For a class to be of any use you need to believe in the person who’s giving it. James is that sort of person. You believe in him as a person, player and teacher. And that’s why you learn, which is what it’s all about.”

Òscar García

“What James has been able to do is help me understand more clearly the underlying theory of the golf swing. My old ideas about the swing have been replaced by true understanding. It’s a big change, it’s not been easy but it’s been tremendously worthwhile.”

Josep Balague

“A golf professional with an educational background is rare, James has got it. He’s able to identify your faults quickly and he’s very good at explaining how to correct them.”  

Jordi Crespo

“James was able to identify my swing tendencies very quickly and we put together a route-map in order to achieve the necessary improvements. I like his way of conducting the classes and his desire to continually add to his golfing knowledge and the fact we don’t keep changing the focus from one class to the next.”

Joan Roselló 


"I'm very pleased with your lessons because I think you're a great teacher as well as being a very well educated, friendly and interesting person. I always look forward to our time together."

Jordi Quixano 



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