My name is James Marshall and I am the founder of the Golf Barcelona website. I’ve been teaching golf since 2004 and have over twenty-five years of playing experience, as well as having a Master’s Degree in Second Language Acquisition from the University of London and the RSA Diploma from the University of Cambridge. I am uniquely placed to satisfy both your golfing and English language learning needs. Wide experience in a range of different classes. My golf teaching influences are varied and I have read extensively on both the golf swing, the short game and putting. My teaching draws on a wide range of sources both inside and outside golf. I have also had the opportunity to speak to many experienced instructors and have benefited from their invaluable advice.

Some of whom include David Leadbetter Academy Staff, Paul Aitken , former Leadbetter Academy director in La Cala Resort, Spain, Nick Bradley, former Academy Director of Leadbetter Academies and author of the book “The Seven Laws of the Golf Swing", Matt Belsham , teacher of many European and Challenge Tour Player members. Through my friendship with Matt I was able to attend Mac O’Grady Golf Schools in Scotland in September 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009. The schools have had a profound influence on my teaching. In March 2007 I undertook the first half of the Level 1 course of the Golfing Machine authorised instructor programme which I successfully completed in October 2007. I am now one of the only two authorised Golfing Machine instructors currently working in Spain. Also in October 2007 I became a PuttingZone certified coach having spent 3 days training with Geoff Mangum . I am indebted to all those who have helped me with their valuable time, advice and knowledge as I continue to develop as a teacher. The combination of my experience and training and the powerful SwingView Pro analysis tool makes my instruction doubly effective.   

Playing History

james marshall coaching putting I started playing the game when I was 11 and progressed rapidly reaching 4 handicap by the age of 16. After attending University I spent 16 months playing and practising and managed to get my handicap down to 1.

On moving to Barcelona in 1991 I took up Short Course Golf and have represented Catalonia at 3 European Team Championships, reaching the final on two occasions. I also won the first ever Catalonia Short Course Order of Merit in the year 2000, repeating the success in 2003 after winning the Catalan Short Course Matchplay Championship.

In November 2003 through the Spanish Golf Federation I did their initial training course to become a qualified golf instructor, having passed the exams I am now teaching at variety of different locations throughout Catalonia.

I’m also a regular teaching contributor to the Pitch and Putt magazine Par 54 and the Lux Lifestyle magazine.

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