Welcome to the webgolfacademy site. Our aim is to provide the highest quality teaching feedback at affordable prices, offering outstanding value for money. Leveraging the SwingView Pro analysis software the objective is to give every golfer who sends in a video a combination of both spoken and written feedback. The software allows for detailed analysis of the swings with both drawing and comparison functionality. Its frame by frame feedback facility allows the golfer to receive the appropriate feedback timed to the precise passage of the swing. My tuition will include a thorough review of the student swing and suggested drills and activities allowing the golfer to understand what areas of the swing need to be worked on why and a plan of action to improve it. We promise to return your video with the accompanying feedback within 48 hours of having received it.

My objective is to turn this site into a state-of-the-art place for receiving golf instruction and for the provision of information about both the golf swing and the short game. We sincerely hope you enjoy using this site and that your understanding of the golf swing and the short game improves along with your enjoyment and ultimately your score. We thank you for placing your trust in us.

Camera Angles

When sending in videos it is essential to keep your camera angles consistent. This helps us to accurately analyse your swing. We recommend that for face-on swing sequences you aim the camera at the belt buckle and for down-the line shots point the camera through the hands at the target. We cannot stress enough the importance of these camera angles for accurate provision of feedback and maximum utility. 


Avoid pointing the camcorder toward the sun and poor lighting conditions. The ideal shutter speed to capture the motion of the golf swing is 1/2000, in poorer lighting conditions it will necessary to reduce the shutter speed with the objective being 1/1000.

Video Formats

Video files must be sent in either in .mpeg, .avi or .mov formats. Please try to trim videos to avoid excessive file size. It will not be possible to accept files sent in other formats. The best cameras for filming swings are the high speed Casio cameras of which there are now several on the market. These cameras film at a minimum of 210 frames per second and are ideal for fast-moving swing capture. 

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