Invest in your most important asset: your body

An important part of the frustration that a student sometimes feels when they are unable to incorporate new elements into their swings or change acquired habits may be because their body just won’t physically allow them to do what is suggested by the instructor. Physical limitations and weaknesses in different areas of the body condition the movement they are capable of executing.  

In order to be able identify possible limitations it is imperative to undergo an initial full body screening via a series of baseline exercises. As a consequence of the results of this evaluation an exercise programme can be created which allows the player to improve this fundamental aspect of performance.

With my friends Andy Gordon and Pedro Correia, I offer the possibility of carrying out the necessary physical evaluations in order to be able to create a training programme in line with the objectives of each client with the aim of achieving the best possible performance on the course as well as being able to design a teaching programme which incorporates the physical aspects of each client. 

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